A Credit Report provides insight into your current credit status, which is used by credit providers to determine if you qualify for the credit you need. Whether you are applying for credit like a store account, a credit card, vehicle finance or even a loan, a good credit status could help you get higher credit limits or lower interest rates.

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With 4 credit bureaus in South Africa, who all service different credit providers, you also have the option to view your Credit Reports from the different credit bureaus. Compare your comprehensive and easy-to-read Credit Reports from all four credit bureaus


Why we need this:

In order for us to obtain you Credit Report/s from the relevant credit bureaus we need your personal details. This is a requirement by law and is also done to protect your identity.

All connections are secure and encrypted, so your information remains safe.

  1. I do hereby appoint Kudough Credit Solutions ("my Representative") to be my lawful representative and agent in my name, place and stead, to obtain my Credit Report/s and information from either "TransUnion" Credit Bureau "TransUnion", Xpert Decision Systems "XDS", Experian South Africa "Experian" or VCCB credit bureaus, to be used soley for the following purposes:
    1. Providing me with advise or assistance with managing my credit.
    2. Challenging the accuracy of information contained in my Credit Report.
    3. Investigating information held on me by credit bureaus.
    4. Comparing the information held on me by credit bureaus.
  2. I consent to the credit bureaus releasing a copy of my Credit Report in PDF or XML format to my Representative/s.

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